SRG ‘Away Runs’

(Starting at other locations in the Southern Suburbs of Adelaide)


Run A1 - Onkaparinga River runs


5.0km run route -

10.2km run route -

19.4km run route -


Run A2 - Christies, O'Sullivans Beach and Port Noarlunga runs


5.2km run route -

10.0km run route -

20.0km run route -


Run A3 – Woodcroft Tangari Park and Happy Valley runs


5.0km run route -

9.8km run route -

22.7km run route -


Run A4  – Tangari park Woodcroft runs


5.1km run route -

10.2km run route -

20.7km run route -


Run A5 – Reynella interchange runs


6.0km run route -

9.9km run route -

20.6km run route -


Run A6 – Willunga and Old Willunga Hill Road runs


5.3km run -

12.3km run -

22.2km run -

Alternate Willunga Runs

4.8km run route -

9.9km FLAT run route -

10.1km HILL run route -

21.1km Old Willunga Hill run route -


Run A7 – McLaren Vale runs


5.6km run route -

10.0km run route -

20.5km run route -


Run A8 – Moana Beach runs


5.9km run route -

9.9km run route -

19.9km run route -


Onkaparinga River Pringle Farm and River Edge runs


5.6 km run route -

10.0 km run route - 

22.6 km run route -


Run A10 - Old Noarlunga Runs


5.1km run route -

10.4km run route -

20.3km run route -


Run A11 - Marion Coastal trail - Hallet cove to Glenelg Jetty (One Way) - No print map/directions


One Way map -


Run A12 - McLaren Flat runs

6.2km Run Route (Garmin Map) -

11.6km Run Route (Garmin Map) -

21.1km Run Route (Garmin Map) -


Run A13 - Pt Noarlunga to Moana Beach 'Away' run - No print map/directions

One way map -


Run A14 - Partial McLaren Vale HM course 'Away' run - No print map/directions

11.1km Run route (earlier turn around for shorter course) -


Run A15 - Heyson Trail (Mt. Compass) run


Out & Back run route (Garmin Map) -


Run A16 - Rocky Creek Hut runs  

5.3km run route (Garmin Map) -

10.2km run route (Garmin Map) -


Run A17 - Southern Beaches runs

5.3km run route -

10.7km run route -

20.5km run route -


Run A18 - Thalassa Park (Aberfoyle Park) runs

(Run routes designed by Dave Sheppard)

5.1km run route -

9.9km run route -

23.1km run route -


Run A19 - Old Sellicks Hill road and trail runs

6.1km run route -

9.3km run route -

17.7km run route -


Run A20 – Expressway (Gravel Track) runs

5.0km run route -

9.8km run route -

20.1km run route -


Run A21 - Aldinga Beach runs 

4.9km run route -

9.9km run route -


Run A22 - Onkaparinga N.P 'Punchbowl' trail runs

5.7km run route -

11.1km run route -


Run A23 - Marino Lighthouse runs

5.8km run route - 

9.7km run route -

Sturt Gorge trails (Flagstaff Hill) runs

5.4km run route -

10.6km run route -

19.7kn run route -

19.7k (first 10 k) route directions - CLICK HERE

Mt Bold Reservoir trail runs

5.1 km run route -

11.5 km run route -

Course maps and directions: CLICK HERE

Trail Runs


Scott Creek (Cherry Gardens) Conservation Park runs

CLICK HERE for Map & directions

Onkaparinga River National Park runs

9.5km SRG Trail Run - Onkaparinga National Park (Map & Directions)


9.7km Old Noarlunga/Onkaparinga Gorge & Piggot Range road run (No print map or directions)


11.4km Onkaparinga River Loop Trail


Onkaparinga NP (Chapel Hill Rd start) trail routes (Map & Directions)


Onkaparinga NP 'Wine Dam' Track 4.75km, 9.5km & 15.2km runs  (Map & Directions)

15.2km run only (Map & Directions)


7.6km Onkaparinga NP - Echinda, Nature & Sundews Ridge Hike trails (No print Map)


Onkaparinga N.P 'Punchbowl' trail runs

Old Noarlunga trail runs – Gorge track, Pipeline track and Old Coach road


Kuitpo Forest runs

5.3km Kuitpo Forest Onkeeta Trail (Old Coach Road Start)

10.5km Kuitpo Forest Onkeeta Trail (Old Coach Rd start)


5.3km &10.2km Rocky Creek Hut Christmas 'Away' runs  

5.3km run route (Garmin Map) -

10.2km run route (Garmin Map) -


Tangari Park Runs (Woodcroft)

4.8km and 11.5km Tangari Park runs

4.8km Tangari SRG Christmas run –

11.5km Tangari Park SRG Christmas run -


Christies Creek Trail run

Christies Creek Loop trail run (with loop at turn-around point)

10.8km run route -